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Zepbound weight loss medication

So many weird names and options. Ozempic, Mounjaro, etc.

Have you ever found yourself deep in the rabbit hole of Google, searching for the latest in weight loss pills AKA weight loss prescription drugs? You're not alone. But, let me tell you, the landscape is changing. Pills are old news. Especially that none of them works. Except DNP which also killed people and was banned. So... was not a good idea. The real buzz today is around injectable weight loss medications, like Ozempic/Wegovy (same thing) by Novo Nordisk and Mounjaro which just had a child - Zepbound. Did I get your attention? If yes, here's some food for thought.


The Misconception of Weight Loss Pills and Weight Loss Medications

In the past, when we thought of fat reduction meds, we often pictured pills, right? But, today, the most "promising" players in the game today aren't pills at all. They're injections, and newest name is Zepbound. This shift from pills to injections isn't just a fad; it's potentially a significant advancement in weight loss treatment. Unfortunately though - with many caveats which most of the time will prevent a smart and logical person from touching them. Let's understand why pills are taking a back seat and why we also should not run and ask our PCP for a prescription.

Spotlight on Zepbound

Enter Zepbound. Despite being a new name and "new medication" for improved body weight there's actually nothing new about it. It is just Mounjaro (branded for controlling blood sugar) rebranded as weight loss medication. Same peptide - Tirzepatide which is the active ingredient in Mounjaro but the dose is different; it's a newly FDA-approved injectable that's making waves in the body fat management world. You will now see more and more commercials coming out in addition to what you already see in the weight reduction space. So, what makes Zepbound special? And the truth is - NOTHING. It is the same medication with a different name.

The active ingredient, tirzepatide has less side effects comparing to semaglutide that is the active ingredient of Ozempic and Wegovy (same medication, different names). Both however still have very nasty issues and we will go into that further in the article. By the way, you can easily purchase both online without any prescription on multiple websites that sell peptides. It will just cost you more and you won't have a fancy device to inject, syringe is needed, however, did that ever stop anyone? I see hundreds of people using these from way before Ozempic was approved by FDA.

The Effectiveness of Injectable Medications AKA Weight Loss Shots AKA Easy and Fast Solutions Which Let You Down Long Term

Zepbound, an injectable medication, is emerging as a preferred choice over conventional pills due to its remarkable efficacy. Its effectiveness is supported by clinical trials and real data, making it a reliable option. Compared to pills, injectables provide more significant benefits because they can deliver precise doses that quickly reach the bloodstream without being processed by the digestive system. This results in faster onset times and more consistent absorption rates.

Injectables also offer convenience for people who face difficulty swallowing weight loss pills (and any other pills) or require regular injections for medical conditions like diabetes or multiple sclerosis. As a result, injectable medications are becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare industry and are expected to surpass traditional pills in terms of preference.

Injectables, such as Zepbound, Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro and their peptide equivalents, are gaining popularity due to their precise dosing and rapid absorption. They are becoming the preferred choice for treating a variety of medical conditions. As healthcare providers it is imperative to stay abreast of these developments to offer better treatment options and enhance patient outcomes.

Injectables have many advantages over traditional oral medications, including more accurate dosing and faster onset of action. For instance, Zepbound might be used to treat acute migraine attacks and offers quick relief with its fast-acting formula. Similarly, Ozempic and Wegovy are injectable GLP-1 receptor agonists that help in managing type 2 diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels. Mounjaro might be used for the treatment of COVID-19 patients who require hospitalization and oxygen support.

Staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in injectables can aid healthcare providers in offering more personalized treatments for their patients' specific needs. It can also assist in ensuring that patients receive optimal care while minimizing adverse effects. With the increasing demand for injectables across various specialties, it is vital for healthcare professionals to be knowledgeable about these treatment options and incorporate them into their practice.

Safety, Side Effects, Discussion and Considerations of Weight Loss Injections

Now, let's talk safety. As exciting as Zepbound is, it's essential to know about its most common side effects. No medication is without its cons, and Zepbound with his friends is no exception. Even worse, for most people it will be a beyond bad decision to even try the medication, and I am talking about ALL of them injectables. Common and basically inevitable side effects include terrible muscle shedding and gastric blockage.

For these who don't know what in a nutshell the medications do - they are literally shutting down your appetite, sometimes with terrible nausea for long periods. And when you stop eating, sure, you will definitely loose pounds and kilos. Buuut, the first thing you will stop eating is protein based food which is needed to at least keep the muscle and nutritious food, such as veggies. So people overall eat less, but they stop eating the food that keeps them alive. And by the way, it doesn't stop you from consuming alcohol. So, do you think these are serious side effects or can you live with it? Weight loss pills, injections or anything else with these effects are a hard no for me. Or, and then there are rare cases of death from gastric blockage...

Now, at some point people reach the end of the effect where they will not eat even less, weight loss stops, and people usually get off medication or add weight loss pills (which don't work). Now they have less muscle, less bone, and therefore they will regain way more fat in terms of percentage than they had before. So essentially long term it means these awesome results: bone density going down (osteoporosis), muscle breakdown (sarcopenia), bad gut issues and very fast fat regain (no one will give you your muscle back), your blood sugar levels will fly up along with high cholesterol In addition there's thyroid dysregulation which causes a long set of issues by itself including slower metabolism, hair shedding, hormones going into wrong directions and the list can go on.

We, at BioPrime Wellness, had numerous (closing on 100) clients who got burned and harmed themselves with these meds and that prompted us to build a program helping such folk to recover from the effects and repair the health after getting off the meds.

In addition we are now starting a program that will support existing users of Ozempic and Mounjaro (and their derivatives, Wegovy and Zepbound) on their fat loss journey, so they can keep on using the weight loss injections whiles completely preventing the muscle loss, bone loss and other issues.

Addressing the Lack of Long-Term Data

Another problem - there's NO long term studies with these weight loss shots, unlike with weight loss pills which are on the market for LONG time (not that I am suggesting them). These substances are new and no one ever stayed on them for years. We're on the frontier of something new with injectable weight loss medications. That means we're still gathering long-term data. The road of scientific discovery is always evolving, and staying informed about ongoing research is vital, that is very true, and keep in mind that when you decide to take this medication, you have no idea where it leads in the future. And your doctor has no idea either.

Unfortunately, doctors are largely unaware of the muscle loss issues (Federal Drug Administration refuses to state there's muscle loss as a part of it, they are really adamant to write "weight loss" and lower BMI (Body Mass Index)) and also, many doctors get a nice amount of money from manufacturers to keep promoting these medications. And so, do your research, do not blindly trust your health care provider, there's a reason why so many doctors and nurse practitioners are our clients who struggle with their own health and body fat issues.

A Holistic Approach to Weight Reduction

In the end - there's no magic injection that does it all. A successful weight loss journey includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, and lifestyle changes. These injectables are tools which can destroy you, not cure-alls. And weight loss pills are largely useless altogether. They're part of a bigger picture – a holistic approach to health, but only for people who actually understand how they work and take them paired with a very personally designed diet and strength workouts that are designed to prevent muscle loss. Remember, always, that for most health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, gallbladder problems, stomach pain, heart rate issues, kidney problems there are very efficient ways to fix and manage with proper lifestyle changes, nutrition, activity, dietary supplements. Excess weight is NOT different. Even for way worse conditions such as thyroid cancer/thyroid tumors there are ways to improve that are way healthier and better than medications. And don't forget that most people have allergic reactions to prescription medication including weight loss drugs. Don't run for an "easy" solution because you have an accumulation of fat in the stomach area and you don't like it.

So, what is the bottom line?

The world of weight loss is evolving from pills to injectables like Zepbound and Ozempic signaling a new era in effective weight management solutions. As we wrap up, remember the importance of a well-rounded approach and informed decision-making in your health journey. Do not fall for commercials and advice of weight loss doctors who are not informed and also need to make a living. Do not join the majority of American adults who are a very sad statistics in terms of health. Do everything to be able not just to get as many years of age as possible, but live them SUPER healthy and happy. FDA approval of something doesn't mean it is good for you (yes, I know it sounds controversial, but it is not). Do not make a choice between the above weight loss shot options and weight loss pills. Choose health.

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